Apr 12, 2006

The Truth

You ever have one of those expereiences where you keep hearing the same thing over and over again? You know what I mean? You go to church, hear a radio show, hear another Bible study, talk to somebody and they all say the same thing? I've been going through that lately. I have been listening to a bunch of sermons via Podcast from Dallas Theological Seminary. Already three of them have touched on the same issue - one that I am teaching right now in Sunday School, as well as something that has come up in conversation with several different people.

I'm talking about the importance of teaching The Truth. We are teaching through 1 Timothy - which on three separate occasions brings this up. It also comes up in 2 Peter, which I heard someone speaking on today. They repeat again and again that first, we must know the truth. Then, second, we must make sure that The Truth is being taught. Finally, we must defend The Truth.

That made me think about how we are called to serve and the role that The Truth plays. I want you to read Isaiah 61:1. The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, Because the LORD has anointed me To bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to captives And freedom to prisoners; What is this good news? It is The Truth - The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now take a look at those groups that are spelled out. GOOD NEWS TO THE AFFLICTED - BIND UP THE BROKENHEARTED - LIBERTY TO CAPTIVES - FREEDOM TO PRISONERS. Think about who The Church is called to minister to. The Afflicted, The Brokenhearted, Captives, Prisoners. People who are afflicted by the disease of sin, people who have broken hearts because of their sin or their loved one's, people who are captive to sin, people who are prisoners of Satan. The Truth is what can free them.

As we focus on how to reach people, we must remember that more important than events, buildings, organizations is The Truth. We must hold on to and provide The Truth. That will be what sets people free. It is easy for me to think how important it is to get projects I'm working on done. But it is not those projects that will do anything - it is The Truth contained within

The Truth is the undeniable Word of God. It is the light that will be shined into the dark places that Satan has claimed as his own. It is the fire that will cleanse the impurities in our soul. It is the water that will wash away our sin. It is the one thing that Satan and his lies cannot stand up against. The Truth will win out. Satan cannot fight The Truth, for The Truth is that he is already defeated. And his lies and tricks will melt away in the face of The Truth.

We must be on our guard, and make sure that we are sure in our understanding of God's Word. We must study it and continually check ourselves. For we hold a powerful weapon, and we must know how to use it. I am excited about what God has been showing me. Just like the great heroes of the faith have shown us, it is not about the vessel - it is about The Truth that is contained within. Gideon, Peter, David were all flawed servants - but the power of The Truth they carried overcame their flaws. What a wonderful message. So, let's get ready to do this amazing thing God has called us to do.


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