Apr 28, 2006

Nashville - Day Two

First of all, let me say that I am an idiot. I just realized I misspelled Nashville on my post from this morning. I fixed it so no one had to be horribly offended. So, we just finished day two at the College Ministers' Summit and are now chilling in our La Quinta (Spanish for "Triple Bonus Points") room. A quick recap of the day.

I was worried today would be a downer since yesterday was so great. But it wasn't. We made some great contacts and talked to college ministers from all over the country - Indiana, Arkansas, Texas, Alaska, Montana. There has been a great response to us and our ministry. So that is very encouraging. I went to a fascinating session taught by Dr. Chap Clark of Fuller Seminary. He spoke on the changing face of college ministry in light of the changing stages of adolescence. Good stuff. We stayed until about 3pm, and then went to work on some Bible study writing.

Tonight, we decided to go ahead and take the night off and kind of be tourists. The next couple days are going to be tiring, since we'll be getting up early to drop our fourth guy off at the airport by 6am, hitting the conference, and driving to Chattanooga after the conference. So we went to dinner at Ted's Montana Restaurant. I know this isn't where I usually review restaurants. I'll say this, though. Ted's is AWESOME. They sell bison burgers, steaks, ribs. Mmmmm. I love bison. It tastes like very lean beef, but the calories are usually about half of beef - and the fat can be from 1/3 to 1/5. We really enjoyed it. Then we decided to walk around downtown Nashville.

I have a hard time hating Nashville after tonight. Yes, it is the home of both country music and contemporary Christian music - which should naturally get it docked numerous points. But it is a very pretty city. The downtown is really cool - kind of like a clean New Orleans. There are clubs and restaurants everywhere with live music. We got to see the riverfront and lots of old buildings. JP and Charles got all excited because we went and saw the Ryman Auditorium. I had no clue what that was - apparently it is THE Grand Ole Opry. Ooooo. But we had a great time. I do like the city, and the weather is extremely mild for us Florida boys.

So we've had fun. The biggest annoyance is the traffic. Goo. I live in Orlando, but the traffic here is more of a pain. There are lots of cars, construction, interstates everywhere, and none-to-bright drivers. Not a good combo. Well, I'll try to post something tomorrow if I can. If not, I'm sure both of you will be upset.

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