Apr 29, 2006

Nashville - Day Three

So we began the day in Nashville and ended it in Chattanooga. Today was absolutely incredible. We talked to a bunch of ministers today and now have several events set up for the next few months - a men's event in Pennsylvania, a few college events in Canada, a couple more in Florida. It had already been a great weekend. Then we drove over to Chattanooga to meet with a church in Hixson. They look like they are going to bring us in next Spring.

It is amazing how fast things have started to move. It is kind of scary because the opportunities and workload are outpacing the money. But we know that will get itself together at some point. Well, we have one more day before heading home. Tomorrow we meet with another church in the Chattanooga area. I'll give another update on Monday, since we'll be travelling late tomorrow. Until then.

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