Jul 7, 2005

We're Gonna Do Big Things for Jesus

My little boy prayed a prayer with his mommy on Saturday night. They had been having a spiritual conversation about God and Jesus and the cross. And he prayed and asked Jesus to come live in his heart. Naturally, since he is wee lad, I wondered about whether it was "genuine" or not. But I went and talked to him, and we had a nice little chat. I guess we'll find out whether or not he completely understood what happened in a few years. But for now, the greatest feeling a parent can have, is to know their little ones are interested in God.

As we were talking, he looked up at me and said, "We're gonna do big things for Jesus." I looked at my wife and we both started to cry. I looked at him and said, "Yes, yes we are. That's why we do everything we do." When he was born, I was sure that God had something really special planned for him. And I believed God had something planned for me too - more than just doing a random routine job. He wanted me to be doing something BIG for Him.

When you have those BIG dreams, you have a great outlook - to some extent. But you also have a bad case of far-sightedness. You miss out on the up close because you are waiting for the not here yet. I know I have missed opportunities right in front of me because I have been staring out into the distance. One of the biggest right nows was what happened on Saturday night with my boy. As a Christian parent, you cannot wait until your child accepts Christ. The fact that our little boy was even asking means we were doing something right. Another right here is found in my Sunday School class that I teach. They are college guys. And my working with them is making a difference in their lives. They aren't wishing it was forty years in the future. They are struggling with today. And God has let me work with them. And I need to make sure that I am giving it my best.

We're doing big things for Jesus every day. They way we treat a waitress or a Publix cashier or a fellow driver may be what God is going to use in their lives. Our life is not made up by huge events - for the most part. It is made up with lots of small interactions and events, that come together to form a lifetime. And Jesus wants us to include Him in every part. Yes, we need to have a vision for the future (with His guidance). But we also need to be aware of the here and now and take advantage of it.

I finally in the last few months have caught a glimpse of that BIG THING God was planning. And man, is it going to be great. But instead of just waiting for that day to come, I need to seize every moment and make it BIG.


Greg said...

Awesome! I love to "listen" to you "talk." You are an awesome man and a great father. I got chills when you wrote what Joey said. I can only try to imagine my child one day saying those lines. Beautiful, how our Father works.
I love you and your family. I am glad that you are blogging again. I will be checking back frequently.


Cousin Diane said...

It is nice to read your "thoughts" again! I check this site on a regular basis.

Praise God for Joey's growing faith! And congratulations to you both for setting a godly example!