Jul 16, 2005

And They're Off

Well, we will soon be off - departing for a well-deserved vacation. First we will visit the oldest city in the United States. Then I must leave my family and extended family to go visit the uh, most glamorous city (?) in the United States. That's right - it's VEGAS BABY. I have a training conference there that begins Tuesday.

I'm a weeeee bit nervous about the trip. I've never been to Vegas, and most of what I've heard doesn't do much to ease my concerns. There are some things that I am fairly certain - from my preliminary investigations. One, it is hot. Two, it is expensive. Three, there are a lot of questionable activities readily available. Four, there are a lots of beautiful sites just mere hours away.

So, join me over the next week and a half on David Staples' Vegas Adventure. I hope to blog quite a bit over that time - with updates on the city, the conference, the hotels, the food. So check in frequently. This is my first trip to a city west of Texas, so there are a whole lot of possibilities.

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Greg Raymer 2004 Poker Champ said...

You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, and know when to run!