Jul 19, 2005

Vegas Part One

So this is the first time I have been able to write since I began this great adventure. Just some quick thoughts, to cover the last two days.

If you are stuck sitting next to a six foot seven guy who easily is as wide as you are (Very Wide) and he has a bad back and insists on stretching and twisting the whole three hour flight, it doesn't matter that you are in an exit row with more legroom. Unless, of course, you could get out of your seat and crouch down into that leg room. Which you can't.

I love Oceans Eleven. One scene in particular came to mind when we flew into Vegas. The one casino owner tells Brad Pitt & George Clooney that even if the thieves made it out of the casino, they were still "in the middle of the stinkin desert" (edited and paraphrased). That could not be more true. We're flying along and looking down at the vast blackness. All the sudden, you go over a mountain and WHAM - lights everywhere. Really can't describe it. Didn't stop me from trying, though.

Vegas is like Disney on a freaky combination of crack and steroids. Each hotel is like an amusement park - well a park with lots of gambling, smoking, booze, and half-naked women. Actually, thus far I have not at all been attracted to this place. This city is completely numb to sin and immorality. There are posters of nearly nude women everywhere. I don't just mean small posters either -- I mean gigantic five story posters and billboards. It also smells like the entire city is covered with a layer of cigarette smoke. Quite an unpleasant city. Makes you wonder what Sodom and Gomorrah were like.

Dry heat - uh, what? It is just hot. I live in Central Florida, grew up in South Florida. It gets hot there. This is not hot. It is HOT!!! Incredibly, oppressively, distgustingly hot. Another reason that I'm not too impressed.

I ate lunch at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill today at the Caesar's. Let me say this. I have always thought Flay was a bit annoying on television. The restaurant is beautiful. And his food is AWESOME. I had a bowl of corn soup and a Mesa Burger. Absolutely incredible. I can see why he has become so popular. I think I may have to try to get back there again.

The session today was great. Our instructor was Project Manager for the development of Adobe Illustrator. So he was a weeeee bit qualified to teach our session. Great stuff. Well worth that money. We'll see how the rest of the days go.

I'll be back tomorrow with new boring updates for all three of you. :)


Holly said...

Remember, gifts and souvenirs are always welcome... just don't bring me back a half naked lady! The tackier the better! Love ya! Stay safe. Keep your eyes up!

Shillelagh said...

I'll take Holly's unwanted half naked lady!