May 24, 2007

Greatest Night of Television

Before I start talking about one of the greatest nights of television in recent history, let me make a few corrections and additions to my running diary of American Idol from Tuesday.

- The winning song WAS written by Christian recording artist Scott Krippayne. Weird. First, don't you think professional singers should have been eliminated from that contest? Second, isn't it ironic that Christian music is considered so lacking in quality by the music industry, yet it was good enough for the AI song finale? Third, does this actually highlight how cheesy the AI final is by the fact that the final song was a cheesy one written by a Contemporary Christian artist?

- Chris Daughtry has only sold 2.5 million albums. My bad.

- When I said JoJo and JoJo Junior Miss, that was referring to Katharine McPhee.

- I didn't actually watch the show live. i watched it on DVR and guessed on the times. HAHAHAHAHA. I'm a dork

Okay - last night, we had the results show of American Idol and the season finale of Lost. I wanted to give some comments on each - because I know both of you are dying to know what I thought.

- I alternately loved and hated the show.
- I loved the Gladys Knight number with the girls. Wow!
- I loved the opening duo with Blake and Jordin.
- I loved Blake's beatbox battle with Doug E Fresh.
- I loved any time someone named Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood was on stage
- I hated the stupid Golden Idol awards.
- I hated the performances by Tony Bennett, Green Day, Gwen Stefani, and Bette Midler.
- I hated Sanjaya's solo. Why him and not Lakisha?
- I hated any time someone named Taylor Hicks was on stage.
- Jordin deserved to win and will probably be a huge star.
- I thought Clive Davis was funny. He took shots at Kelly Clarkson and her refusal to use the assigned songwriters on this album (actually he took about ten shots at her). He took shots at Taylor and McPhee. But he at the same time had to praise Clarkson, Daughtry, and Carrie - while patting his own back. And how old is this guy? 95? 102?
- I think the American Idol tour will be very good this year.
- The Beattles tribute was good. It would have been awesome if it had ended with Sir Paul McCartney coming out at the end to sing.
- For all of you AI haters, just take a look at who participated in the night and who was in the audience to realize that this show is HUGE in the entertainment world.
- I thought it was awesome that Melinda and BeBe and CeCe got to sing together.
- Where was Fantasia?
- Where was Clay?
- Overall score: 9/10

- I said on this blog a few months back that Heroes had surpassed Lost. After watching the two finales, I must say i was very wrong. Tim Kring - creator of Heroes - go watch the Lost show and talk to your buddies over there for some lessons on how to close a season out. Heroes did such a great job all year and then had the weakest finale. Lost, which had stumbled a bit in the Fall, made it all pay off with a very strong Spring, and then a Finale that blew your mind.
- Death count: 14 or 15 (depends on if one guy will stay dead)
- I cannot believe that I have to wait NINE MONTHS to see another episode of Lost.
- Every single person brought their "A Game" last night. My heart was pounding five minutes into the show.
- I found myself this morning in the shower just standing there thinking about what the heck just happened on Lost. Now THAT'S a good show.
- SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched it, don't read the rest of this post.
- I will miss Charlie. But it was amazing how they made that happen.
- Hurley is awesome. Even after everyone minimized him the whole last few episodes, he comes through tonight.
- I think our survivors just opened a monstrous can of worms. I can't even begin to guess what they are going to deal with now.
- I had no clue at all that the Flashback with Jack was actually a Flashforward until it happened. And the questions that came up after that? Good night.
- I think that Jack's dad someone got resurrected on the island and is still alive, Kate married Sawyer, and Locke is the one who died. Or none of that. Who knows.


Anonymous said...

I guess we know now who kelly heard say that she can't write because she's a woman. Clive should have known better than to take a passive-agressive shot against her while praising Chris's writings which haven't won any awards & aren't even hits.

a. w. sauls said...

i wonder about jack's father also, but notice that he was absent everytime they referred to him. also, i do not think locke would have left the island (not willingly). i also have to wonder about the "confirmed reckage" of flight 815 found with no survivors - how are they gonna write that one off?
i do not think that kate married sawyer (i think he is gonna go off the deep end in the next season) and how is it that she is no longer a fugitive?
the flashforward was brilliant, never saw it coming!
i was in the camp that heros had become king of the hill, but man did lost bring it. it urkes me that we have to wait nine months for the next season. i think abc needs to stop screwing with viewers and stop trying to stretch the season out all year long - just play the show, end it and go on to the next show - it almost makes the show unenjoyable; but there i am like a junkie crawling back to his pipe every week to see the next episode.
good post, later.