Jun 9, 2008


I'm posting this using my cell phone. There is no WIFI available to the exhibitors. Well, I'm sure you could pay for it somewhere. There area few things I would report back from yesterday.

- No one knows what Defender Ministries is at first glance. The top guesses have been: Christian Martial Arts, Legal Defense Fund, Home Security, and Computer Security Provider.

- I always am amazed by the Christian heritage of Heather's family. I met the missionaries who served in Africa with her grandparents. Her uncle is on the General Board. I basically can tell most people I am related to the Blanns, Babbs, and Crissingers and get the "oh yeah I know them" nod.

- I met a missionary to Northeast India from New Zealand, several pastors from India, one from England, Barbados, Panama, Belgium, Tanzania, and Jamaica. You have to love it.

- It amazing to me that there are still people who work in the church who think our ministry deals with "non essential" issues.

Keep checking this the rest of the week. If I get bored, I may post again.

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