Jun 7, 2008


I know that these have always been raving successes - the "live blog" from my various events.  It helps keep you, the single solitary reader, up to date on my exciting life with "so close it will feel like you were there" moments.  I am going to try to do this for my latest escapade:  Running the Defender Ministries Table at The Wesleyan General Assembly Meeting.  You canNOT get more exciting than that.  I know that some of you have Disney passes or go to concerts or travel the world.  But where else can you possibly have more fun that sitting at a six foot table at a conference, waiting to talk to pastors who would rather be out be tourists than talking to you?  

So, here is the first installment.  Ready?
  • 6:00am - Wake up.  That's right.  Wake up at 6:00am on a Saturday.  Why?
  • 8:00am - Show up at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort.  I was told to be there at 8:00am to set up.  I never got an exhibitor packet, so that is what I did.
  • 8:10am - Realize I parked at the opposite end of the convention center.
  • 8:15am - Find the table and begin the set up procedure.  I have done this at a variety of conferences before.  Each time I learn more about how to make your table worth stopping at.  You need to have free stuff.  That's the basic lesson.  So we are giving away - basic lessoans.  People can score free books.  I worked very hard to get all the books all nice and pretty and straight.
  • 8:40am - Talk to Price Gouging Electrician.  I had expressed an interest in having power in my booth so I could charge my laptop battery.  I plan on doing some work during the many hours of loneliness.  When I talked to the Price Gouging Electrician, he proved to not just have a clever name by telling me it would be 120 DOLLARS for power.  Now, mind you, there are power cords running the length of the exhibit hall, with outlets at each booth.  But for me to use it, I have to pay 120 DOLLARS.  Not in a million years.  My plan now is to make sure both my battery and spare battery are charged, and I will recharge during breaks in the lobby with the free electricity.
  • 8:55am - Sit Down to Read Convention Program Guide.  With my table complete, before I busted out the laptop, I decided to look at the program.  Very few exhibitors were even there, let alone set up.  I read through the days and saw that the Saturday session began at 8:00am.  Weird, there didn't seem to be enough cars.  And then nothing else was scheduled for the day.  
  • 9:00am - Re-read Program Guide.  Having successfully read the program guide once, I went to prove my reading prowess by tackling it a second time.  It was this time that I read that the Saturday session begins at 8:00PM.  Uh.....
  • 9:02am - Leave
Now, that sounds fun, huh?  It seems pointless to stick around for 11 hours for nothing.  So I went home, went to a birthday party, stuff like that.  Oh, and as a special bonus corollary to the above recap, here is the recap of my laptop preparation for tomorrow.
  • 10:45am - Sit Down to Charge Up Computer Batteries
  • 10:47am - Pull Spare Laptop Battery Out of Computer Back Pack
  • 10:48am - See This

  • 10:50am - Go Huh?
  • 6:40pm - Show up at the Apple Store for my appointment to see an Apple Genius to Explain the Exploding Battery
  • 7:35pm - Actually See a Genius who has not a faint idea how the battery exploded, but will give me a new one.
So that has been my exciting day.  Tomorrow, I hope to actually have some conversations at the event that we paid to set up an exhibit at.  For now, though, I am going to let the new battery charge whilst I go to sleep.

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