Feb 25, 2008

Oscar 2008: The Reaction

Well, this proves one thing - don't take me to a gambling facility and hope that I am any help.  I got four right.  Out of 24.  That is just pathetic.  I guess that is what happens when you have not seen anything that got nominated.  Although, the "expert" on Yahoo! Movies only got 12 of 24 right.  What's his excuse?

I can understand the idiocy when it comes to stuff like Art Direction (which I got right on Yahoo! and wrong on my blog - I apparently switched them.  Good move, Staples.  What did the SAT teach you?  Go with your first instincts.)  But, when it comes to technical awards, when I have actually seen some of the films, how do you miss those?  In my picks, I said that I though Bourne Ultimatum should have won everything it was up for.  And it did.  But I didn't pick it.  I overthought it.  I also used that same logic with Original Screenplay - pointing out how the ultimate winner should win, but then picking something else.  And best song.  I pointed out how having three nominations hurt Dreamgirls, but then picked Enchanted to win.  On my Box Office Mojo picks, I said the ultimate winning song "Should Win."  In fact, if I had actually picked my "Should Win" picks on Box Office Mojo, I would have gotten seven right.

So I am an idiot.  And I guess I have no right to even criticize the awards, so I won't.  The only beef I had was with Visual Effects.  It was the only category that I had seen all the nominees.  And there was no way Golden Compass should have won.  There were some great things in there - the fighting polar bears, the flying ships, the battle scene at the end.  But Transformers had to create all the robots digitally and make them look real - which they were VERY real.  And Pirates had so many effects - the maelstrom, Davy Jones, the multiple Jack Sparrows.  Whatever.  You don't get to gripe if you can't even get half right.

I was even off on the length of the show - by 36 minutes.  But, see, I was basing that on if Michael Moore had actually won...

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