Dec 21, 2007

KING SIZED BLOGS: 2007 Sports Response

Rather than put my sports response to Greg's picks in another themed post - like Movies, I thought I would do a MiniPost (same as a usual post in every way, except 1/8th the size).
  • RE: Jimmy Johnson's Twofer - You are indeed right, Greg. As all the good church growth bandwagoners say, "It is not in my wheelhouse." I had no idea that Johnson had even switched to NASCAR. I still see him on the FOX NFL show, so I figured he didn't have time for both. And I am sure those helmets mess up his hair. But, bully for him. Lucky that NASCAR, NASTRUCK, NASWAGON are not sports, otherwise Johnson would probably get worn out doing pregame AND driving in one day. [Yes, I am one of those "critics" Greg mentioned. Just because it takes skill and talent to do something well, it does not mean it is a SPORT. I am driving to Jacksonville later today. Wow, I'm an athlete.] So I apologize a great amount to all you NASCAR fans for neglecting your little championship. [Normally, this is where I would make a crack about it being good for me that most NASCAR fans can't read OR use a computer, but I don't want to get pelted with squirrel offal. That's a real word - look it up.]
  • RE: The Colts - I don't know why, probably I'm just evil. I don't like Peyton Manning. Sure, now that he has some of the funniest commercials out there (like this one), I am warming up to him. But I have never liked him as a player. He's in good company. I couldn't stand Dan Marino, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Joe Montana, Dale Murphy, or Jimmy Connors. I loved John McEnroe and hated Ivan Lendl. I loved Michael Jordan and hated Karl Malone and John Stockton. I can't stand Allen Iverson. I don't like Andruw Jones, but like Barry Bonds. It is completely arbitrary. The Colts just get caught up in the Manning-issues.
  • RE: The Rest - I don't hate John Madden. I don't like him as much as Kornheiser, but I always enjoyed Madden as an announcer. I haven't played his video game since 1996. (Although I do think it is hillarious that people think he has anything to do with that game besides putting his name on it.) I think Jon Kitna would do better as a player if he kept his yap shut. I don't know who RayRay and Weldon are, or care.
  • ONE OTHER THING - I just want to go on the record to say I really admire Kevin Smith of UCF for coming back for his senior year. I think he is a great young man who really has his head screwed on straight. His reasons for coming back were noble, admirable, and appreciated. As a Knights fan, I am thrilled he will return because he makes us so much better. That being said, he probably cost himself about $20 million doing it. But, as this article says, (which is ironic that I like this article b/c I usually can't stand this writer), if only there were some more people who valued loyalty and education.

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