Aug 12, 2007


Well, this is my 100th post. That is a major milestone for my blog - but not so much for other blogs. Some will have 100 posts in a month -- or even a week. But I have tried to make this blog different than a lot of them. I don't want to just give my piddly, know-nothing comments about every news event and happening. I want my stuff to be more interesting, unique, and entertaining than just a daily news recap. Sure, I have commented on news stories (Michael Vick, Mel Gibson are a couple examples). Mostly, though, I wait and see if I am still riled up about a week later. If so, I'll post. If not, I'll leave it to the other 55 million bloggers to cover. I also have done running diaries on the Oscars and American Idol. There have been some movie reviews, but those mostly have been stuck over on my Rotten Tomatoes site now.

I am a minister, so I can't ignore my faith, which has colored many posts. I love movies and television, so that also has come into play. I also am an idiot, which has been more than fairly represented in posts like this and this and this. But I hope that everyone who reads this blog enjoys it and finds something to take away. That could be a laugh or a point to ponder or a reason to think I'm a doofus.

I think I put too much thought into this blog. That is why I have long breaks that usually end with a comment like, "Sorry I haven't posted lately, but..." This post, for example, has been especially hard. Once I realized that it was #100, I wanted it to be special and not something like, "Go check Rotten Tomatoes for my Die Hard review." And there were like 10 news stories that happened that I wanted to address, but not for this one. I guess the problem comes in writing and not knowing who is reading and what they think.

So, I want to know what YOU want. All three of you. What are your favorite posts? What kind of stuff have you enjoyed reading? I have ideas for a more thematic approach: FerreTV posts about television, Moviepalooza posts about movies, King Sized Blogs for end of the year stuff, Modern Day Theses for religious stuff, and It's Personal for personal stuff. But I want to know what you like too. If you read this somewhat regularly, please hit the comment link and leave a note. Tell me what you like and don't like. And don't let it just be the spanish speaking guy who makes screen printing shirts that posts. I want to hear from Greg and Diane and Michele and Heather and Holly and Brad and Tiffany (both of them) and the rest. I don't promise I'll do what you say, but I will consider it.

I look back on December 2004, when I made my first post, and realize how much is changed. My son is going to Kindergarten. My daughter is 3 1/2. Our third child is coming in six weeks. I am basically self-employed (with all the good and bad that brings). I'm still working with college students. I'm still teaching and writing. I'm still self-conscious. But I know I've grown and learned. I'm at a different church, different house, different job, different place in my life. So my posts have changed. I have fewer "goofy posts" and more "serious posts." But I still love writing and entertaining - be that through inspiration, laughter, or sheer pity. I hope the next 100 posts will be even better than the last. And I hope that it won't take 30 months to get there. Hopefully I will hear from you soon.


Benji said...


You ask for comments, and I'm the first one! Anyway, I like you funny stuff, but then I also like reading your thought-provoking posts as well (generally the ones that have a tone about your faith - lots of times I read them and realize I'm so much of a loser in my own walk with Christ).

So, my vote is for a mix of funny and serious. My favorite posts are ones that are either funny or serious about a current event/news item. Mostly, I think about how jealous I am of your ability to write, and how it would take me 10 hours to write something worthwhile that is only a paragraph long (that is supposed to be a compliment).

Congrats on #100! Benji

Greg said...

what i would like is more posts. you are a great writer and i would love to be able to read more of what you write.

i don't have any interest in the running logs of tv shows. basically because i don't watch much tv therefore i don't have any emotion with the comments that are being made. i like the idea and i am sure i would enjoy them if i had the time to watch.

i like that you don't comment on every little news story. you are write there are too many people already with no knowledge of the event commenting on these stories.

so, my suggestion would be to write more. and if you want more blog traffic, comment more on other peoples blogs. pleople you don't know.

Greg said...

man, maybe i should preview my post before i just send it. how many mistakes were in that last comment?

also, of course i am a huge fan of the King Sized post. (pun intended!)

Diane said...


You’ve been blessed with a tremendous writing ability! I like your writing style; I check your blog on a regular basis. I appreciate hearing about the ministry opportunities you’ve had and your personal, spiritual growth. I love hearing about your kids and what you’ve learned from them.

I don’t usually read your posts when you spend your talent on things such as TV show reviews and sports. We finally sold our TV this summer due to lack of use. Kevin and I didn’t watch it any more. Also, I discovered a few years ago that my children are much better behaved without it – even if all they watched was Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood only once a week. I used to think it was handy to have the TV around as a mind numbing tool during bouts of flu and such, but their behavior during recovery worse.

May God continue to bless you and your family and Defender!