Jun 7, 2007

Update on the Enemy

I write that heart-rending post, pouring out all the anguish that I, as a Magic fan, feels. And then, when I wake up, the Orlando Slantinel - source of all things cheery and sweet - reports that the Magic have agreed to let Billy the Jerk out of his contract, and somehow we still managed to get Ron Jeremy to coach the team. So I wasn't so sad. But I still hope that Eddie Munster and the Gators get run out of town frequently.

Some other updates - if you are wanting to see any of my movie reviews, go visit my Rotten Tomatoes site. There is a link to the site on this page over to the right. I have reviewed Spiderman 3, Blades of Glory, Pirates 3, Stranger than Fiction and should be adding Oceans Thirteen this weekend. So far, the movie season is as record-breaking as I predicted.

We are planning on going to the Space Shuttle Atlantis launch tomorrow evening. It is amazing that I have lived in Orlando for nearly a decade and have never been to a launch. My son is a HUGE space fan (HUGE understatement). We have been promising him we'll go. So we are going to Space View Park to watch the launch from across the river. If I get any good pics, I'll post them here or on my MySpace or something.

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