Aug 7, 2006

Up in the Mountains

So, we are up at Ridgecrest outside of Asheville, NC for the National Collegiate Conference. By we, I mean me and my Defender Ministries cohort Charles. We are teaching eight sessions about how to escape the bondage of porn. (Two trigger words, that should get the blog blocked by the filters.) It is going great. We've done four sessions so far and we've had a great response. I love this conference, because it is so laid back, and a good chance to see old friends from back in the day. Here are some quick hits from the first half of the conference.

1 - It is amazing how a ten hour trip in a van with a big group rapidly becomes a thirteen hour trip in a van.

2 - I hate being in a van for thirteen hours. Even though we drove the van that all the young ladies decided to ride in. Because let's face it, it is MUCH better being in a van with ten college ladies than with ten college guys. They are sweeter, kinder, quieter, and they don't pass gas - out loud. And plus, after thirteen hours, most guys smell weird.

3 - The mountains of North Carolina rule. This whole area kicks butt. (Another trigger word) If you read my last post about my affinity (read: hatred) for the heat, you should know I would prefer this. It is still hot here during the day, and you have to climb up these horrible things called "hills" and "stairs" all over the place. But at night, and in the morning, it is pleasant and foggy and you don't get carried off by mosquitos as large as a bear.

4 - When we checked in, we actually received a flyer warning us that a bear had been spotted roaming around the woods near here. Most places in Florida, that would have been on the news. Here, it only deserves a cheaply constructed flyer. Awesome.

5 - Country fried steak is nummy. I had never had it before. I know that is hard to believe by examining my physique, but it is true. Good stuff. I really think the people I was with should have thought twice before letting me eat it.

6 - Talladaga Nights was pretty funny. I'll post a review on my Movie Reviews Page later this week.

7 - Superman Returns was pretty good. I'll post a review on my Movie Reviews Page later this week.

8 - Sundrop soda is the best of all the quasi-citrus, high caffeine sodas. It is smoother than Mello Yello (which everyone up here carries) and had a better composition than Mountain Dew. AND they had a Cherry Sundrop about five years before Code Red Mountain Dew - so you have to give them props for their vision. Of course, they don't sell it down in O-Town. So I will have to make some room in my suitcase.

9 - How did we survive without cell phones? I have no clue. I don't remember my life before them. I look at the hotel phone and laugh. Yeah, right, make a call from the room. I haven't even given my hotel info to Heather b/c I have my phone, and my wireless broadband card, and a WiFi network on campus. It is like you can't get away -- hey, wait, that isn't good.

10 - How do we survive without television? We don't have one in our room. I never realized how much time I waste in front of the tv. I got so desperate the other day, I went to the workout room and did the treadmill for 30 minutes so I could watch the tube. Yes, 10 Things I Hate About You was worth the treadmill.

I'll check in again later.

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Brad C said...

Why am I just hearing about this Sundrop soda? I put you onto country fried steak AND Perry's BBQ, yet I hear nary a word about this amazing drink you speak of. Wassup with that?