Mar 2, 2006


See, I just proved what I was saying. If I had made updating my blog a resolution, I already would have broken it, and felt like a loser. Instead, I didn't make the resolution, still ended up not following through, and still got to feel like a loser. I guess I don't blog often because I still refuse to believe that anyone gives a darn what I think. I mean, I'm pretty much a nobody in the grand scheme of things. Anyway, enough of that...

Really quick - Super Bowl commercials. They overall were terrible. I thought the FedEx one with the caveman was funny. I also like the ones that ended "Don't judge too quickly." I think it is for a financial service company. But the fact that I can't remember should show that maybe they should have spent a few seconds more transmitting that.

Winter Olympics... sigh. I really wanted to write a big thing about how I love the Winter Games. But I couldn't - not when they were so disappointing. The Games themselves weren't bad, but NBC's coverage was AWFUL. So my excitement got stomped out pretty quickly. It's hard to get too hyped to watch events that you already know the outcome.

Well, I would like to pop back in here soon and ramble. We'll see if I can manage to carve out a few minutes. Adios.

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Benji Stultz said...

It's okay David - resolutions never work out. Anyway, I check in with your blog from time to time (to find out what's going on since I am a dufus and cannot seem to work out getting together with you). I was looking forward to reading your thoughts about the upcoming Oscars. Then I realized all the movies and the actors nominated were in movies that stunk this year, so you would probably not care about who wins those stupid yellow trophies. By the way, here's a fact (I believe) that I heard on Friday: if you add up the gross dollar amounts all of the movies nominated for best picture this year, they would as a total aprox. equal the gross amount "Chicken Little" made at the box office!!!! Do you think Hollywood will get the hint they make bad movies (as you have written about in earlier blogs)??? As a capitalist, I would say yes - but because the industry is not filled with some of the brighest people (who are lost in their "liberal bubble"), I'm not very confident.

Keep up the good work on the blog!