Feb 3, 2006

Just a Quick Note

So, it does indeed appear that the first experiment with the King Sized Blogs has ended with a thud. It seemed silly to continue it as we entered February. Maybe we can start earlier. Or maybe we can be less arrogant and not think anyone cares what we think about that stuff.

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to be more faithful with ye olde blogge. Not really - I don't make resolutions. I always break them by that day and it seems like a silly way to look at things. Let's look at the past year and highlight all of our failures and then swear to do better next year. Ok. I would rather look at the good stuff from last year and hope to continue those things next year and maybe build on them. Ok, you got me. It mainly is because I break them and get tired of feeling like a loser.

But I do want to do more on the blog. Here is my plan for the next few weeks. I am going to watch the Super Bowl for the same reason I always do -- for the commercials and movie trailers. Then I plan on posting a Commercials Review next week. Next week also will feature the next installment in my "Why I .... Sports" series as I address the Winter Olympics. I have debated putting movie reviews on here also. I don't see a whole bunch of them, but I review the ones I see for another site. I may put those up here also. If the five of you who read this want to give me your thoughts on that, go ahead.

So, I'll see you next week (metaphorically speaking).

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Glo said...

Next week came and went and no blog update. I am a little disappointed.