Jan 4, 2006

King Sized Blogs - Best & Worst of 2005

Cross-promotionals have been a huge trend for years. Well, welcome to the Blog Cross-Promotional. My good friend Greg Ramer both wanted to do a Best and Worst of 2005 thing on our blogs, but we didn't want it to be the same old thing. So, we have come up with the King Sized Blogs. We may do this from time to time, where we swap postings across our two blogs. Instead of just one blog, you get a KING SIZED BLOG. And, it also clever because we both are larger than normal guys. Anyway, we are going to start with our Best and Worst of 2005 lists. One of us will post, the other will reply, and then the first person will respond. Then we will move to a new topic. Now, these are not necessarily the best three movies or worst three people. These are the best three things or worst three things that happened in that field in 2005. You'll see what I mean. Hopefully this will be fun for everyone. If not, at least Greg and I will get a kick out of it.

Greg's blog is http://www.gregramer.typepad.com/.

I get the honor of going first.

1. Batman Begins - As a huge Batman fan, this was a no brainer. This was the best comic book adaptation of all time. It was the first film to completely bring the comic book completely to life. Tim Burton's vision in Batman and Batman Returns were close, but there were little things that bothered me. Like Batman killed people in those movies - which is something he has never done (well, the Bruce Wayne version anyway - but that just shows how big of a wonk I am). The whole movie was great - except for Katie Holmes who was annoying. Fortunately, she was not a major character and hopefully she will get killed off in the sequel. But I was absolutely thrilled with the film.

2. Narnia - I am not saying this was one the second best film of the year. But it was a good movie. And it was a good movie. I was pleased with the adaptation. It was done very well (no, not Lord of the Rings well, but what is?). And it was a great family flick. Yes, it was too scary for my kids, but I didn't read the book until 4th grade. Kids by that age, if they can take the book, can take the movie. And seeing how well that the film is doing at the Box Office, I hope they decide to make more from this great series.

3. The Box Office Slump - Why is this a good thing? I hope that it makes Hollywood realize that we are not going to just go to watch movies because they got released any more. People are becoming more discriminating in their film watching. They know that they can wait four months and watch the DVD or six months and catch it on In-Demand cable. I know that is what I do. I saw seven movies this year in the theater: Hitch, Madagascar, Wallace and Grommit, Batman Begins, Narnia, King Kong, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. This is a person who used to see about sixty films a year. I only go when it is a movie I really want to see, that is going to be good - or that you have to see on the big screen (like King Kong). The rest I watch on In-Demand ($4), HBO (free), or DVD ($4 rental, $15 purchase). My friend Toney told me years ago that he figured out it is cheaper to buy the DVD than go to the movie. We have started to follow that - as has much of America. Maybe this slump will convince Hollywood to make more films like the ones that were successful - WELL MADE, well written movies and family-friendly movies. Of the seventeen films that made $100 million, 2 were rated R. Horrible remakes and poorly written films didn't make money. (Of course, neither did Cinderella Man, but that was just too depressing.)

Okay, Greg let me see your list.

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