Dec 27, 2005

My Sympathies

I was blown away the other day to see that Tony Dungy's son had died. I was even more shocked to learn that it was a suspected suicide. It is weird, he is a huge sports celebrity but I hurt for him like he was a relative. I think it is because he and I have something in common. We're both fathers. I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose a child. The very thought of it makes me ill - and makes me want to run home and hug my babies. That pain must be so overwhelming. It must be even worse for someone like Tony Dungy - someone who has strived to be a good father and has spent his life making his family such a high priority.

I met Coach Dungy once when living in Tampa. He came to speak at a BCM luncheon at Univeristy of South Florida. He was such an amazing person. I was furious at the Bucs for firing him. Even though I can't stand the Colts (as you can read in my previous post), I want them to win a Super Bowl so Dungy can have one. I admire him so much - his devotion to God, to his family. I know it doesn't matter what my little post says about him and his situation. It just felt like something that needed done.

The whole situation also helps me to realize how important it is to be the best father I can be, but also to entrust my precious ones to the only Perfect Father. Even if I do everything I can to help my kids become the best people they can be, even if I constantly show them God's love, even if I am able to lead them to a saving knowledge of Christ - I cannot be with them every step. And in those moments I have to trust God to know and do what is best for them. I think that is part of what is so hard in the situations like Dungy's. Not only is your heart ripped open, but your trust in God is shaken too. I hope and pray that the Dungy family finds the strength and peace they need to make it through. And I hope that he is able to continue coaching - the NFL and the world needs him and his example. But if he does decide to hang it up, I know that it will because his family needs him more. And that is way more important than holding up some silver trophy.

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