Sep 20, 2008

TRAVEL LOG - Day One - Atlanta

I know I haven't been able to update my blog as much as I would like lately.  That is what happens when you are busy busy busy.  I feel like spend most of my life in my car.  That didn't change today, as I began the first leg of a ten day whirlwind trip around the Southeast.  First, Charles and I have an appearance as an exhibitor at the Lifeway Youth Pastor Conference in Nashville - via an overnight stop in Atlanta and a lunch stop in Chattanooga.  After the Conference on Tuesday, we will head back through Atlanta to South Carolina for my brother-in-law Mike's wedding.  Then we finally will get back to Orlando next Tuesday (via Orange Park).

So today we started off this morning printing books.  Then we drove up from Orlando to Atlanta.  It was a nice trip, just sitting in the car and chatting with Charles.  I have missed being able to talk to him on a regular basis with my new work(s) schedule.  So it was nice to just drive for six hours.  We listened to UCF getting whooped by Boston College on XM Radio.  That was followed by listening to UF beat up on Tennessee.  And we ended with the comedic stylings of Jeff Allen.  And we had a delicious dinner at Ted's Montana Grill - one of my favorite restaurants.  Charles and I love bison burgers, and this is one place to get them.  Now we are relaxing in a La Quinta (Spanish for Hi Speed Internet).  

It is nice to get a break from the rigors of the new jobs.  I am looking forward to having a blast thinking about Defender for a couple days without having to worry about other employment.  Of course, I wish I had my family with me.  I have pictures of the kids on the computer and I miss them like crazy.  It was funny.  At lunch there was a screechy kid at Woody's.  I told Charles, "It just makes me miss Gabe."  I'll try to check in with updates each night.  We are staying at a La Quinta in Nashville (Spanish for Free Breakfast), so I'll have internet.  Have a good night all.

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