Jul 2, 2007

San Diego - Monday - July 2, 2007

Well today was our last day in California. We got a later start that we anticipated, but we did eventually make it to the San Diego Zoo. But not after we went to .... IN N OUT BURGER!!! For years and years I heard about this magical burger place in California. Anyone I knew who had lived out here or stayed for an extensive period of time would brag about how awesome it was. I would say things like, "Checkers is okay." And they would say, "Have ou ever had In N Out? It's way better." I would say something like, "Sonic is great." They would get this little annoying look and say, "Not as good as In N Out." So I made it a goal to find one of these mythical creations that can only survive on the Left Coast. A couple years ago when I went to Vegas, I found an In N Out and ate there. It was good, but they forgot my meal for over 20 minutes and I ate it really fast while trying to read a map. So it wasn't as earth-shattering as I thought.

Today, though, Heather and I actually went to eat at the In N Out. It was soooo good. Heather loved it too. The place was very busy, as always. The amazing thing is that the place only has eight menu items: burger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, fries, vanilla shake, chocolate shake, strawberry shake, soda. Wham. They have these enormous potatoes that they are continually cleaning, peeling, dunking in water, slicing, and frying. Everything is super fresh and very good. We were very impressed.

Then we went to the zoo. It was funny - there was an Excessive Heat Warning. The temps were supposed to soar into the 80s. Wah. The Zoo is really just an amusement park with lots of animals. Lots and lots and lots of animals. There are supposedly over 4000 animals there! It is like you compare the SD Zoo with any other zoo, and it is like the SD Zoo just overpowers the lame other zoo and then kicks sand in his face. For example, I have been to zoos with giant tortoises before. Like one or two. SD Zoo has 13. Several of them are over 100 years old - and have spent over 80 years at the SD Zoo. The Jax Zoo has like 20 flamingos. SD has over 120 - along with nests, eggs, and babies. SD also has polar bears, pandas, tigers, lions, sea lions....

It also has Disney sized crowds. To see the Panda, you have to go through a huge line. Same story for polar bears, tigers, gorillas, anything really special. So, if you don't want to stand in the burning sun with no clouds and fry while waiting to see a panda sleep or poop, you walk by and do a twisty twist and see it through the exit door. That's what we did. The habitats were so incredible. The couple of gorillas had this enormous place with waterfalls and giant trees. The polar bear had a gigantic joint (not drugs). We had a really good time, but got tired out very fast. We are ready to go home and see our kids. There has been a LOT of walking. We leave first thing in the morning, which we are happy for. It has been a fun trip and we would really like to come back to San Diego at some point. Irvine was pretty nice too. LA can suck eggs. :)

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