Apr 11, 2007

Three Weeks

It has been three weeks since my last post. A lot has happened in that time, but unfortunately none of it on this blog. I'll get some housekeeping out of the way, and then I promise there will be a couple more posts in the next couple of days.

Speaking of posts, part of the big reason that I have not been posting regularly is because I have been setting up and maintaining Defender Ministries' new blog and new podcast. They are more time consuming than I thought. I also have been developing our new Disciple Now style weekend curriculum "Operation Isaiah." Things are moving pretty quickly with Defender, which is great after the barren wasteland that was the end of 2006. Here's hoping and praying we stay super busy.

Speaking of super busy, movie season is almost upon us. I saw two movies in the theater during my blog hiatus. I have reviews for both Meet the Robinsons and Shooter on my Rotten Tomatoes page. I also tossed one up there for the older 16 Blocks that I caught on HBO. There are some major events coming up in the next few weeks. But the biggest may be May 4 - the opening of the Summer Movie Season. I cannot wait. Spiderman 3, Shrek 3, Oceans Thirteen, Pirates 3, Harry Potter 5, Rush Hour 3, Bourne 3, Die Hard 4, Fantastic Four 2. Plus the non-sequels Ratatouille, Underdog, Transformers, Surfs Up, and Simpsons. Awesome. Of course, only two of those films are original and not based on something else. Why? Because that is what we like. So shut up Oscar bait, America has spoken.

Speaking of America . . . uh . . . speaking, I have tried to refrain from letting my true feelings out about the current American Idol season. I was going to do a week by week review of it, but when I realized some things, I knew it would be a bad idea. I would just get to angry and ugly. Why? Well, Sanjaya is going to win. It is funny how AI producers have tried to play off the influence of web sites like votefortheworst.com, but the fact of the matter is that they have a HUGE impact. And now that the idiot Howard Stern and his moron buddy Perez Hilton have taken up the fight, it is a foregone conclusion. At this point, Sanjaya could get up there with his hair in curlers, rip his shirt open, starts rubbing cocoa butter on himself and sing in a collection of grunts, tongue clicks, and the word "me go winky some night time" and still win. And Haley Scarnato will probably be in the top three or four - largely because she realized that showing her legs and wearing see through jiggle tops is much smarter than singing well. If you think I'm wrong, go ask Gina Glockson, Chris Sligh, and Phil Stacey (who will go home tonight). At this point, the only thing that Sanjaya could do to get booted was make a racial slur.

Speaking of racial slurs, it appears that Don Imus has reaped the whirlwind for his comments about the Rutgers' ladies' basketball team. I certainly do not condone his actions. But, I think there are some points to be made about the incident. That is going to come in another post, though.

Speaking of another post, I plan on putting a couple up this week to make up for lost time.

Speaking of lost time, tonight's episode is supposed to be one of the best ever. I've really enjoyed it since it returned from break, and I really like some of what is going on with it. We have really stripped down our viewing from the logjam of the Fall. Now, it is 24, How I Met Your Mother, American Idol, Jericho, Lost, The Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock, and Heroes (when it comes back). That may not seem stripped down, but it is. And, no, I could care less about any show HBO puts out.

Speaking of not caring, check back soon for more posts.


Benji said...


Someone has got to post a comment at some point on your posts. Anyway, Amy and I have never watched Idol till this season (we caved in). You were wrong about Phil - he leaves next week after singing a country song.

I need to call you and arrange that get-together with the family. I'll try to give you a ring sometime this weekend. By the way, you can admit you are really looking forward to the Transformers movie. However, I do not think anything can top the cartoon movie (complete with cheesy 80's songs) that was THE BEST MOVIE!

Greg said...

Man, I was holding the pee in while reading your discription of the "S" man lathering himself up. Priceless.