Nov 22, 2005

My Scary Night - Part Two

Well, I survived the camping trip. My son and I had a great time - he loved chucking things into the fire. I really began to see how much he was like me. I remember when my dad used to grill food out back, I loved to watch the fire and watch him. And I really liked that once he was done, I could start chucking stuff in the fire. I would burn potato chips, wood chips, mango seeds, brown leaves, green leaves, grass, sticks. I used to push mango sticks onto the coals to make them get all red and smokey. My son must have thrown a hundred sticks into the fire - and aluminum cans, plates, napkins, leaves, moss, pine cones.

It was a pleasant night and we had a ball. We went to bed much earlier than the college guys, so we were not forced to participate in their shenanigans. And by the time they got done playing manhunt, they forgot we were there. So we came back with all of our hair. We also saw three deer on the way in, which was pretty neat. My son loved the playground as well. It was fun, and we had a great time with the guys. But it was not a life-altering experience that secured my sleeping out in the dirt all the time. I won't shy away from it as much now, but I still think it is more fun to have a dozen guys sitting around watching football or a movie in the air conditioning.

And speaking of football, I did get back in time to watch UCF try their hardest to lose, but still find a way to win. 8-3, 7-1 in conference. And through timely losses by other teams, we are hosting the conference championship game on December 3. Last year, we went 0-11 against the worst conference in the USA. This year, we went 8-3 against a much better one, and are going to a bowl game. Wow. What a difference a year makes. GO KNIGHTS!!!

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